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Friday, April 29, 2011

Took it from my friend's notes

I think of you.
In my heart, in my mind, I think of you.
As i'm leaving, still, is it possible?
I think!
Seeing is believing,
I guess it could be true...
but I wonder if me seeing you is real.
You seemed like an angel in this dark world of mine,
not knowing what is there.
Dangerously close to me,
i've never felt this way.
In my heart you'll always be;
a piece of it,
you've taken away.
My timid feelings I try and hide,
I hope they won't show through,
because i'm afraid to push you away,
but really, I do love you.
Trust me when I say this,
it's not been said in vain,
I love you, and when you're not around,
my sanity, i'll try to maintain.
Your everything I could ever want,
I'm thrilled to call you mine,
you let me get way out of hand,
but keep me right in line.
 The words i'm hearing now cannot exsist,
I can't think straight right now,
the words you say,
you must resist.
It's killing me now.
Lost in words,
my will is strong.
I may be lost in words flowing out,
But I know i'll win this battle,
You talk to me like you know my feelings,
you tease,
making fun of what will never be,
so please,
take your load off somewhere else,
you have no being here.
You've taken my voice, my heart, my soul,
please stop,
your words have taken their toll,
hold off untill you know,
sometimes I don't want you to stay.
I can't hold on, so release my hand,
you don't understand,
and you won't ever see through me,
your cutting off the circulation to my
Just let it be broken,
not welded together by spaces we can't fill,
parts of a puzzle we can't place,
because at least one piece won't make it;
it will turn to dust and blow away.
Let it be beautiful,
without a cloud to take the grace,
the sunsets ray of light just fades away,
the same as thoughts that shouldn't be.
Let it be spared,
like a head aginst a bullet,
surrendering their meaningless possesions to what matters most;
when love ends in the sands of time, ends in fragments.
And let it be forever,
paused in the growth amongst the clovers,
lasting with an ounce of luck I know i'll never have,
dropping with the rain, scattered over earth.
You look up and I see you rocking out,
tunes go through your head and I can't figure you out,
I wanna' know what your all about,
just let me in, I know I can deliver.
I'm on a mission to discover,
you left a piece behind to uncover,
you leave traces of empty spaces in my mind,
and now I have to know.
Tell me, do you ever speak of me?
Let them know I was a part of you?
And tell me, do I ever cross your mind,
while the earth trembles with my secret fear,
you'll say no.
So tell me.
I listen to the wind carrying your voice and soul,
longing to hear you sing our song again,
sing to me, I want to know if you're still waiting,
and am I hesitating?
Tell me, do you ever speak of me?
Let them know I was a part of you?
And tell me, do I ever cross your mind,
while the earth trembles with my secret fear,
you'll say no.
So tell me.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Belang, my lovely cat :)

Belang adalah seekor kucing berbulu belang hitam emas. Yang kasih nama dia itu gue. Kisah hidup dia tragis. Saat kecil Belang harus didorong oleh Sam agar bisa turun dari genteng haha. Belang itu lemah. Dia takut sama banyak hal. Itu yang bikin dia gue dan kakak dan adik gue pelihara. Dia lahir pada tahun 2007, dan wafat hari ini :'( jadi umurnya 4 tahun. Banyak hal udah gue laluin sama Belang. Dulu, pas dia masih kecil setiap gue duduk di teras pasti dia naik ke paha gue. Jadi gue mangku dia. Tapi semakin gede dia ga pernah gitu lagi. Dia sering berantem sama kucing kuning dan selalu kalah. Tapi kalo ada orang rumah yang keluar buat menyudahi perkelahian pasti Belang jadi belagu. Dia malah sok ngejar kucing kuning, padahal dia selalu kalah. Terus pernah Belang pup dikeset. Gue ngejar Belang pake sapu ijuk sampe dia kabur ketakutan dan kaki dia berdarah karena kena jendela. Kasian deh. Gue nyesel pernah gituin dia. Belang kalo gue mandiin pasti ngeong-ngeong mulu tapi ga pernah nyakar gue. Terus pernah jendela mobil ga ketutup eh dia setiap malem masuk ke mobil lewat jendela itu. Jadinya pas mobil mau dipake kursinya penuh bulu dia yang hitam emas. Waktu gue libur 3 bulan pas kls 9 dia selalu ada di belakang kursi gue, duduk diatas keset, nemenin gue jadinya gue ga pernah takut. Kalo di dalam rumah Belang duduk di karpet tapi kalo ada orang rumah dia ga berani, jadi dia langsung pergi ke keset hehehe. Setiap gue pulang sekolah abis bilang "assalamualaikum" gue pasti bilang "mana belang?" ya allah sedih banget Belang udah ga ada lagi. Kangen banget pasti sama Belang. Tapi kasian juga kalo dia hidup tapi sakit. Maaf ya Belang atas semua penganiayaan yang gue lakuin ke lo. I love you, Belang.
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